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With experience and a highly specialized team, able to simultaneously deploy many 1 MWp projects, providing full-life O&M services for projects, Landmark Parasola Power is proud to be a prestigious and high-quality EPC general contractor. selected by European partners to execute large European-standard solar power projects in Vietnam.

See our typical projects that is completed & on-going:

1. Vinatex Phu Hung: 1.1 MWp in Phu Bai industrial zone, TT-Hue province

2. Project Thong Nhat: 650 kWp in Phu Bai industrial zone, TT-Hue province

3. Project Mega Market Nha Trang: 821.76 kWp in Nha Trang City

4. Project Mega Market Quy Nhon: 796.08 kWp in Quy Nhon City

5. Project Mega Market Buon Ma Thuot: 547.84 kWp in Buon Ma Thuot City

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Address: 41 An Phu Street, Ward An Phu, District 2, HCMC

Hotline: +84 938 629 983

Email: info@parasola.com.vn


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In general, a solar power system includes of solar panels, an on/off/hybrid solar inverter and an energy storage system if any. Solar panels absorb the sunlight with photovoltaic cells to generate direct current (DC) energy and then converting it to usable alternating current (AC) energy with the help of inverter technology. The energy can be injected into the electric grid or charged to an energy storage unit in case of using the on-grid or off-grid solar power system, respectively.

We collaborate with many domestic and international prestigious financial organizations to provide the best service to our clients. LMPP is an energy service company (ESCO) that provides comprehensive energy solutions including design, consulting, construction, operation and management of the energy system at the client side. Typically compensation to the LMPP is performance based so that the benefits of improved energy efficiency are shared between the client and the LMPP.

Our system is on the cutting edge of Solar Technology.
Our system is used in Europe & the USA.
Since 2011, over 20 GIGAWAT of our system have been installed worldwide.

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